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The definition of RO insanity.
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A forum for intelligent residents who are just plain sick and tired of the status quoMore in a city that permitted so much potential and untapped wealth to be drained by non resident businesses and landlords in our alcohol soaked CBD and Woodward.
Don't do Royal Oak any favors please!!!!!
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The LLC who received the permission to erect the hotel office and apartments on theMore former Fresard location where there is already a shortage of parking are asking for permission not to pay taxes to the city for ten years????
Ten year abatement for a hotel? No thankyou.
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Royal Oak is not a neglected downtown inner city. What is neglected in Royal Oak areMore the taxpaying neighborhoods and general fund that is supposed to go to parks, and local streets.
696 gateway good or bad for our downtown?
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We need to look at a tremendous asset that could be hurt by an over zealous plan forMore the 696 location by eliminating needed parking and I am not talking about LA Fitness, I am talking about Royal Oak's multi million dollar Zoo.
The 696 gateway, what to do?
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Are we too much in hurry to develop our most valuable gateway, while not consideringMore its value as a connector to our zoo, our CBD and the rest of the state.
Mayor resigns asking Ron Wolf to fill out his term
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In an unbelievable move a contrite RO mayor resigns admitting he is powerless againstMore expanding bars, and an incompetent DDA.
Liar, liar pants on fire re: "attack" on DDAs
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The recent statement by Jerry Derloff the executive of the Michigan DDA in the RoyalMore Oak review claiming that Royal Oak is a case study of what a DDA can do to revive a city is frankly pure hogwash!
Is anyone out there willing to oppose Ellison?
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Just curious as to why there has been no challenge for the mayoral position in RoyalMore Oak. After his arranging with then editor Judy Davids to have me banned from the Patch for suggesting that people write in "Batman" I just wonder...more
Is RO yesterdays news. If so..why?
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Am I crying wolf when I notice a decline in downtown foot traffic. Scientifically theMore answer(s) may be found in your observations as well as mine. I expect my "fan club" including the F.O.E., and those I regularly blame to chime in as usual.
Patch about to get ANOTHER overhaul?
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That is what the grapevine says, Bad enough the Patch is flooded with freebeeMore business promotions instead of local news and comments. Now according to sources it is about to enter the tweet world of the hand held mobile zombies.
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